Single? Who cares!

Why are you single? None of your business

Don’t you feel lonely? NO.
Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one without a stable partner – and it doesn’t help that people constantly ask me why I’m single; but one thing I know for sure, I DON’T CARE!

I’m at that age where everyone around me is starting to get married, have kids or even in some cases get divorced! So why do I feel like I’m not even ready to start that journey yet?

It could be due to the way I was brought up, it could be due to things I have seen and heard over the years, it could even be that I don’t believe in wasting time in a relationship if I truly don’t believe there is a future in it. The fact that the majority of my friends are male also leads me to be distrusting at times – they have shown me time and time again how they think when they are in a relationship (and have claimed to be in love even though cheating constantly on their girlfriends) – so why should I trust someone?

I’m not saying I will never be in a relationship, actually I hope that one day I do find that person that I can trust in, who I can share moments with, who I can learn from and grow old with… I’m just saying, that why rush into something I don’t feel ready for- age is just a number! If it’s meant to be it will happen, there is no point in forcing myself into something that in the future won’t complete me as a person.

For the moment, I would rather invest my time in focusing on myself, my career and enjoying nights out, meeting new people and having fun- and if I happen to cross that special someone along the way, then why not!

I promise to myself from here on, to keep on enjoying single life, to let things happen, to let my guard down at times but to think with my head and not only with my heart, let destiny choose for me.

So to everyone who has asked me over these last few weeks/months…There’s your answer!


15 thoughts on “Single? Who cares!

  1. Hey,
    I love your style of writing… It is exactly what rumbles through my mind at some times- when people ask me this question with some sort of despair even thought i might be actually a few years younger than you are (will turn 18 in march) .. Maybe I’ll print this out, put t in tiny envelopes and hand it out to them with a smile 😉 Would be easier than explaining 😉


  2. Now I love a blog with a good rant in it. Probably because I’ve been know to rant a bit myself!
    Pleased to “meet” you and I like the feel of your blog.
    Can I suggest that you need to get into the habit of regular posts, the stuff you have written is good, you just need a bit more!

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  3. A defintion of loneliness I find very interesting, is: a discrepancy between the number/quality of relationships you wish to have vs the number you actually have. Maybe people are just projecting their emotions on to you…
    But I also think it’s more than possible to have meaningful relationships without being in a romantic one! 🙂


  4. Hey there! Picked your blog from Bootcamp to check out. LOVE your free style of writing. One thing in particular caught my attention. You said, …there is no point in forcing myself into something that in the future won’t complete me as a person.

    I’d just like to echo that that also means a relationship. Why is it people always assume you have to have a partner to make you feel whole and complete? Nothing could be further from the truth. One should feel whole and healthy in themselves BEFORE they even attempt to have a successful relationship (IMHO). No person can complete someone else. So go find what fulfills you in your life. Figure out who you are. When the time is right for a relationship, I’m betting you’ll know it. See you around the commons.

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    1. Exactly! You got my point completely. I’m sick of people thinking that without a relationship I simply cannot be happy, but they are far from the truth, in any case it may be a complementary happiness that will add to the completion of my life goals, however most certainly not a necessary factor to feeling complete.

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    1. I know, some people are just overly curious. They just don’t get that personal actually means “belonging to or affecting a particular person rather than anyone else”! And thank you, I will try to keep on doing the right thing and not what others want me to do.

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